The Gray Companies - Est. 1907

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The Gray Companies

A third-generation entity, The Gray Companies were formed in 1918 and maintain offices in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Since inception the companies' policy has been stress of maximum shareholder value through participation in low-risk development and involvement in minimum risk, high potential exploration projects. With numerous oil and gas properties and strategic leasehold acquisitions, the growth of The Gray Companies is attributed to it's excellent relationship with working interest partners, operating partners and deal generators.

The Gray Companies welcome the opportunity for a prompt evaluation of your acquisition of mineral/production purchase projects or in sharing participation in the drilling and development of oil and/or gas prospects.

Pennington Creek

The Gray Energy Investments are family owned, southern Oklahoma based companies investing in oil and gas recovery through acquisition, development, drilling and exploration, production and marketing.

Assets of the companies consist of producing and non-producing crude oil and natural gas reserves located in the southern half of the United States primarily Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Purchases of the Gray Companies emphasize royalty properties, mineral interests and working interests in oil and gas drilling prospects participation. The ability to locate and purchase oil and gas properties or lease valuable oil and gas prospects have contributed to the success of The Gray Companies.

The Gray Energy Investments

The Gray Energy Investments