The Gray Ranch Company
The Gray Ranch

The Gray Ranch Company was established at Mill Creek, Oklahoma in 1918 by Earl Q. Gray of Ardmore, Oklahoma. He recognized the grazing potential of this limestone area of Johnston county which was further enhanced by it's proximity to the headwaters of Pennington Creek, a spring-fed stream of 20 to 40 feet running several miles through the 9,400 acre property. It's ownership gave him what he regarded as the best all-year-around grazing ranch in the state of Oklahoma.

The Gray Ranch Company - Established in 1918

The Gray Companies - Est. 1907

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The Gray Companies

Under the Walking G and Q bar brands, Earl Gray ran Hereford cattle here until his death in 1979. The ranch continued to operate as a family enterprise until 1993, when it passed into the hands of grandson Keith R. Gray. Like his father and grandfather, the third generation owner came to the Gray Ranch with a background, knowledge and experience in the cattle industry. Since that time the Gray Ranch Company has expanded into Murray and Carter counties.

At the present time, the operation is devoted to yearlings on grass combined with a herd of Black/Black Baldy cows. The ranch office is maintained in Ardmore, Oklahoma, but the original site near Mill Creek continues as Gray Ranch Headquarters.

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